A Scripting Language for Web, Linux and Windows

A Scripting Language for Web, Linux and Windows

Module: sound

Support sound functions (only available on Windows). The module must be loaded with dl('sound');

See also example Play Sound.

Function/Arguments Return Description
play_sound (string name [, flags=SND_FILENAME]) bool Play sound with the WIN32 function PlaySound(). If flags are not specified the name points to a filename (WAV). flags can combine the following values: SND_ASYNC, SND_ALIAS, SND_ALIAS_ID, SND_LOOP, SND_SYNC, SND_FILENAME. To stop a asynchronous playing call play_sound (null, 0); On success true is returned. See also WIN32 function PlaySound () for detailed description.
midi_create (number devideId) handle Create MIDI device handle for specific deviceId. The default device is 0. On success the handle is returned, on error null is returned. Note: Win7+ has no default MIDI device! Please install MIDI device manually.
midi_play (handle handle, number frequency, number duration, number volume, number voice) bool Play sound on created MIDI handle with frequency, duration in milliseconds, volume from 0 to 127 and MIDI voice from 0 to 255. On success true is returned.
midi_wait (handle handle) bool Wait until played sound on MIDI handle is finished. On success true is returned.
midi_close (handle handle) bool Close MIDI handle. On success true is returned.

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