A Scripting Language for Web, Linux and Windows

A Scripting Language for Web, Linux and Windows

Module: ssl

Support a wrapper for the following OpenSSL functions. The module must be loaded with dl('ssl');

See also examples SSL Client and HTTP/SSL Webserver.

  • SSL_CTX_new
  • SSL_CTX_free
  • SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_servername_callback
  • SSL_CTX_set_options
  • SSL_CTX_clear_options
  • SSL_CTX_get_options
  • SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list
  • SSL_new
  • SSL_free
  • SSL_set_cipher_list
  • SSL_get_cipher_list
  • SSL_set_fd
  • SSL_accept
  • SSL_connect
  • SSL_read
  • SSL_write
  • SSL_get_peer_certificate

Special helper functions, not part of OpenSSL.

Function/Arguments Return Description
SSL_CTX_load_cert (handle ctx, string certFilename, string keyFilename [, string keyPass]) bool Load certificate and private key file (PEM format) into OpenSSL context. Optional parameter password can be set for encrypted key files. On success true is returned.
SSL_FLAG (string name) number Return a OpenSSL constant by name used in SSL_CTX_set_options(), SSL_CTX_get_options(), SSL_CTX_clear_options(). See OpenSSL documentation.
SSL_gets (handle ssl) string Read a line until line break from ssl connection. On success the string is returned otherwise false is returned.
SSL_readln (handle ssl, &line) bool Same as SSL_gets. Read a line from ssl connection. On success true is returned.

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